Consultation is a key component of Dundas Connects. Our engagement plan considers the full range of needs and perspectives that exist along the corridor.

How will the engagement process work?

Engagement will take place in three stages. Each stage will be supported by a wide-range of activities and tools that will be used to maximize accessibility and inclusivity. In addition to our online engagement platform, there will be on-the-ground outreach, public meetings, meetings with large landowners and developers, and issue-specific focus groups.

What are our guiding principles?

Your ideas matter. Throughout the engagement process, we'll ensure accurate information is distributed, and we'll demonstrate how your views and perspectives have informed the plan.

Each step of the way, we'll clearly communicate the purpose, objectives, and scope of what we are doing.

We’ll get you involved as soon as possible, and ensure that you have every opportunity to learn, and provide an educated feedback.

Accessibility and Inclusivity
We'll make each step of the engagement process open, accessible, objective and easily understood.

We understand that everyone has different needs. We'll strive to accommodate your needs, taking into account differences in abilities, areas of expertise, geographic distribution, and availability.

At the City, we have many different projects going on at a given time. We'll ensure that there is coherence in decision-making, enhanced knowledge sharing, and reduced risk of "consultation fatigue" among citizens and stakeholders.

We are always listening. Your feedback is valuable, and may be used to modify our engagement plan to satisfy concerns or changing conditions.

Want more info? View the full engagement plan here!